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To all masters, instructors and fellow blackbelts,

Greetings. My name is Sibok Brannon Beliso. I am taking this opportunity to personally invite you to attend this special blackbelt class with Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro. When he first invited me to attend this class, I realized in my thirty years of trainging in Kenpo I never had the honor of studying with Great Grandmaster Castro. In the short time I've gotten to truly know and study with him, I am amazed by his humility, knowledge and genuine love for the martial arts. I consider it a great privilege and gift to be able to share learning and time with him. He insists I extend this class to all blackbelts free of charge. His only desire is to give away the gift God has given him, the art of Shaolin Kenpo. So, I offer it to you free of charge but ask you to consider my proposal. I ask of you a ten dollar per class donation. Simply, pay as you drop in and attend this one of a kind class. If not, you are welcome to join us anyway.

I hope to see all of you every Wednesday at 8pm at Ralph Castro's Shaolin Kenpo, 69 Washington St. Daly City (650) 755-8996.

Sibok Brannon Beliso

Ralph Castro's Shaolin Kenpo, Daly City, California

On Saturday, Feb. 27, 1999, the International Shaolin Kenpo Association hosted its first black belt seminar of the new year. The seminar was held at the head school, Ralph Castro's Shaolin Kenpo Karate, in Daly City, California, by Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro and Grand Master Rob Castro. The seminar began with a brief explanation of the goals that Great Grandmaster wanted to achieve. Although the knowledge covered was known to all the participants, Great Grandmaster presented different aspects of the same knowledge in such a way as to explain their understanding of these basic techniques. The workout was also strenuous and there wasn't a single person who didn't come out dripping with perspiration. The explanation of defensive and offensive techniques gave great insight into the genius of our founder. Aspects of timing, foundation, accuracy, and speed were explained so that the students came away with the tools to be more effective practitioners of the art.

Grandmaster Robert Castro was in prime form as he demonstrated techniques to the class. This ability to meld all the necessary ingredients of excellent technique for self-defense assures solid future for the art of Shaolin Kenpo. The three-hour workout went by swiftly as instruction was paid an attentive ear by participant and spectator alike. All too soon the seminar came to a close, and judging by the response of those involved, they wanted more. However, since this is to be a monthly gathering, patience will have to be exercised until the next meeting. An announcement of the next seminar will be posted by the head school. So look forward to our next workout and pass the word on to those who weren't present at this meeting.

- Professor Genaro Jose

Topicana Hotel and Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

This historic gathering, which sought to include all styles of kenpo, was held in Las Vegas on February 5, 6, 7, 1999, in the convention center of the Tropicana Hotel. Shaolin Kenpo presenters Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, Grand Master Rob Castro, Professor Marvin Cunningham, Professor Sam Lucas, Sibok Leo Lopez, and Sibok Gerald Ronan held six sessions of one hour each to demonstrate and teach Shaolin Kenpo to a large audience of kenpo practitioners. Other notable kenpo styles represented were American Kenpo, Tracy Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, Hawiin Kenpo and Limalama.

Approximately 500 participants attended the various sessions of proceedings, of which about 75 hours of seminars in total were presented. There was widespread interest in Shaolin Kenpo in this venue of grand proportions. Shaolin Kenpo's Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro and Professor Eugene Sedeno received awards at the banquet recognizing their specific contributions to kenpo. Also present and receiving awards were kenpo greats James Ibrao, Sig Kufferath, Adriano Emperado, Tino Tuiolosega, Sonny Gascon, and Al Tracy. Among past Masters honored at the banquet were James Mitose, Ed Parker, and Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro's teacher, the late Great Grandmaster William Kwai Sun Chow.

- Webmaster

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