Grandmaster Ralph Castro
" Father ~ Teacher ~ Legend "

by Ken Steinhorn, 1995

(Reprint from the original work at the International Shaolin Kenpo headquarters in Daly City, California.)

No one sets out to become a legend and those that do try, usually fail. The few who achieve such status are usually ordinary individuals who happen to possess extraordinary focus, vision and passion for their chosen path. If Confucius is correct when he says "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," then a true legend is certainly one who has diligently continued to put one foot before the other to complete the journey, when at times, continuing seemed impossible.

Every day for almost four decades Grandmaster Ralph Castro has continued to develop and sharpen his skills in the art of Shaolin Kenpo. The philosophy of his system is a simple one: Know where to strike and how to strike, incorporate combinations while focusing on speed, power and accuracy. This transforms into a dynamic yet simplistic style of self-defense training.
In an effort to pass his wisdom on to future generations, he has tirelessly spent thousands of hours training students and presenting seminars instilling the powerful values of his art. Also, if we are to judge a man by his accomplishments, Grandmaster Castro would be quick to point out that his greatest by far has been guiding all of his seven children to aspire to and achieve, advanced levels of black belts.
With a father who was an amateur boxer, Grandmaster Castro was inspired early to relentlessly seek knowledge wherever possible in the fighting skills. His formal martial arts training began in Hawaii with the late Great Grandmaster William Kwai Sun Chow in the 1950's. He instantly knew this was his destiny. By the end of that decade Grandmaster Castro began to feel the pull of the mainland. There he felt was the opportunity to reach more people and thus expand the scope of his powerful art. Married with four children and an adventurous spirit, he moved to San Francisco and established his first school in 1958.
Now almost forty years later Grandmaster Castro is ready to complete the final leg of his journey. Having the opportunity to devote more time towards travel, he is ready to bring his knowledge and philosophy around the globe. With renewed energy and purpose he begins this global education in January 1995 starting with Spain, and if the past is truly an indication of the future, then it is safe to assume that Grandmaster Castro's determination and love for his art will soon be known throughout the world.

With Love and Respect,


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