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New Photos:

    then_and_now.htm [177K JPG] Then and Now, 1958 - 2008.


    dedicat.htm [4K JPG] Dedication by Ken Steinhorn, 1995.


    skoverview.htm [5K JPG] Shaolin Kenpo Article by June Castro, 2000.


    memorial.htm [26K JPG] Memorial to Ed Parker, 1991.


    photo1.htm [19K JPG] Portrait - The Late Great Grandmaster William K. S. Chow, 1981.

    photo2.htm [32K JPG] Ralph Castro, Boss Castro, Sr. (father), William Chow, 1981.

    photo3.htm [43K JPG] William Chow and Ralph Castro working out, 1981.

    photo4.htm [32K JPG] Ralph Castro and his children.

    photo5.htm [20K JPG] Ralph Castro, Chuck Norris, Pat Castro - Celebrating the premier of the movie "Sidekick."

    photo6.htm [25K JPG] Leo Lopez, Jeff Speakman, Ralph Castro.

    photo7.htm [157K JPG] First Graduates of Thunderbolts Training, 1990.

    photo8.htm [69K JPG] First Annual Thunderbolts Appreciation Dinner, 1990.

    photo9.htm [32K JPG] Rob Castro, Ralph Castro, Francisco Viciana, 1997.

    photo10.htm [53K JPG] Francisco Viciana, Ralph Castro - Trip to Spain, 1995.

    photo11.htm [22K JPG] Boss Castro, Sr., 1931.

    photo12.htm [24K JPG] Ralph Castro, 1981.

    photo13.htm [19K JPG] Ralph Castro and Rob Castro, 1981.

    photo14.htm [12K JPG] June Castro.

    photo15.htm [9K JPG] Marvin Cunningham, 1976.

    photo16.htm [18K JPG] Ralph Castro and William Chow, 1982.

Old News and Announcements:

    oldnews.htm Old News.

Old Calendar:

    oldcalendar.htm Old Calendar.

Old Seminars:

    oldseminars.htm Old Seminars.


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